Virtualization Powered by Switchvox with VMWare

Driven by VMware’s disaster recovery capabilities and scalability, Switchvox support for VMware eliminates the need for a dedicated appliance and provides small and medium size businesses with a virtualization that is able to meet the needs of an enterprise at a fraction of the cost.

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Virtualization - Switchvox with VMWare
Virtualization & Scalability


Virtualization with Switchvox releases you from stringent hardware requirements and specifications. VMware gives you the flexibility to adjust system resources on the fly, giving you a phone system that grows with the success of your business and delivers the performance you demand from your communications.

Disaster Recovery

Downtime costs money, and virtualization is the key to ensuring that downtime is minimized. Utilizing VMware’s disaster recovery tools, high availability is possible with Switchvox, allowing your company to stay connected to customers at all times.
Virtualization & Disaster Recovery
Save Money With A Virtualization and VMWare

Save Money with Virtualization

Switchvox support for VMware lets you take advantage of your existing virtual environment, and eliminate the need for costly, dedicated voice appliances. Having fewer appliances also significantly reduces maintenance and power costs.