Cutting Edge Communications Technology

Switchvox 6 is built on the most advanced open source communications platform, Asterisk 13. Asterisk 13 lets Switchvox handle calls and information more efficiently, and offers you the next generation of communications features.


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Introducing the All New Switchboard

The award-winning Switchboard has been completely redesigned to provide a cleaner, more dynamic user experience. The new Switchboard includes:

  • Easily manage and view your team activity with the help of Tags
  • Stay on top of your communications with notification alerts for queue wait times, chats, and more
  • Dial any number straight from the Switchboard
  • Playback voicemail with the new Voicemail Widget
  • Optimize your Switchboard by saving custom layouts

Technical Considerations for Transitioning Your Business Phone System to the Cloud

Simple Customization

Switchvox 6 delivers easy ways for you to customize each user's experience. Switchboard Layouts let you create a different user experience for each department, job role, or title, including multiple Layouts for people who perform more than one function. You can develop unique Switchboard Layouts for 

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Effortless Contact Management

Tags are introduced into Switchvox 6 as a simple and useful way to manage your company’s contacts. Now you can assign custom tags to every contact, like Sales, Support, or Accounting. Users can then add tags to their contact list which will automatically update when changed!

Combine the Power of Switchvox and

Switchvox 6 introduces a new and improved integration for Utilizing the OpenCTI standard users can now take advantage of these features directly within Salesforce:

  • Match incoming calls with Salesforce records
  • Log calls directly from the Switchvox plugin
  • Click to dial from anywhere in SalesForce
  • Save time with automatic screen pop