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Imagine for a minute a place where the network crashes constantly, printers are always offline, phones are consistently down, email barely works, and that annoying hourglass icon in Windows won’t go away… or, in the case of a Mac, the beach-ball-of-death won't stop spinning! Welcome to a world without a quality System Administrator on staff! While a Sys Admin's job is never done, Digium can make things easier for anyone tasked with managing a business phone system.

Switchvox provides a set of tools that makes phone system management a breeze for a Sys Admin. Gone are the days of using scripting, or navigating illogical menu systems to do the simplest of tasks. The web-based Admin Portal in Switchvox is incredibly simple and easy to navigate. Intuitive menus are always at the ready, and easy-to-understand phone system user manuals are built right into the GUI, just in case you get stuck. Because the Admin Portal is web-based, Sys Admins are not tied to the office to manage the phone system and can make simple or complex move, adds, and changes from anywhere! Click below to see details on the simple, yet powerful administrative tools in Switchvox.

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Office Manager

The office manager is the key to keeping small and medium businesses running efficiently. Most office managers have their fingerprints on every function within their organization - including the business phone system. It's no secret that a powerful, yet simple communications tool can make all the difference in ensuring the day-to-day success of the company.

Switchvox phone systems provide those communications tools and can make the life of an office manager easier and more productive. Switchvox allows office managers to easily run call reports, monitor or record employees' calls, and instant message employees to stay connected. The Switchboard, Switchvox’s user productivity tool provides all of these tools (and much more!) to help the office manager take the company to the next level. Click below to see all the great benefits Switchvox gives provides your office manager.

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You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. This is especially true in the business world. Receptionists have the challenging and important job ensuring that customers receive a world-class first impression of your company. The right communications solution can make it easier to put your company's best foot forward, every time.

Switchvox arms your receptionist with powerful tools to ensure that your customers are handled in a quick and efficient manner with very little effort. Switchvox gives your receptionist access to the Switchboard, the powerful web-based user productivity tool that not only gives a visual status of every employee, but also offers instant messaging capability, drag-and-drop call transfer, click-to-dial, drag to voicemail and much more. Click below to see why receptionists all over the world are making every impression count with Switchvox.

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Mobile Worker

Mobile workers come in all types. From the road warrior salesperson knocking on doors and meeting face-to-face with your customers in the field, to telecommuters working from their home office. Of course, there also the ocassional mobile worker who simply needs to take a call in the car on the way to an appointment. Being mobile is a vital aspect of the business world today. It's about more than BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Mobility is about helping employees to connect, anytime, anywhere.

Switchvox provides mobility features that allow employees to stay productive and in-touch with customers, vendors and others, even though they are no longer tethered to their desks. Switchvox Mobile App, available for iPhone and Android devices, provides every phone system user in your organization the ability to make calls from their own mobile device while protecting their private number. An employee can access voicemail, view call logs, and touch-dial from a company directory, all from a personal smartphone. These are just a few of the mobility features Switchvox phone system users can enjoy. Click below to see more!

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