The Office Manager

Office Managers are the key to an efficient office. They have unique and extensive communications needs that are required to keep an office running smoothly. Good office managers understand the value of using a communications system to monitor employees, set up efficient call routing, and make themselves available at all times to service customers or put out any necessary fires. A Switchvox phone system has the tools and ease of use needed to let your office manager excel in running an efficient, customer-focused business.

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Stay Connected

The Switchboard gives the office manager a web-based tool to stay connected to staff and customers. The Switchboard provides a birds-eye view into office communications through:

  • Real-time status and presence visibility
  • Click-to-dial and drag-and-drop transfer
  • Instant messaging
  • Real-Time Queue Reporting
  • SalesForce and Sugar CRM connectivity


Switchvox provides easy to use and powerful monitoring tools to help you ensure that your staff is delivering the quality of service you expect, all from the office phone system:

  • Record calls on the fly through your computer, your Digium IP phone or your preferred mobile device.
  • Listen in to live calls.
  • Help your staff during live calls with Whisper.
  • Get involved in complex issues and become part of a call with Barge.
office phone system monitoring



office phone system report


Switchvox gives the office manager powerful reporting tools to help them track the performance of their staff. Generate on-demand reports, view real time data, or schedule vital stats to be delivered to your email to stay on top of your staffs productivity.




Office Managers are busy and things need to happen fast. Switchvox has dozens of tools to ensure that your office manager can connect to people instantly and from anywhere:

  • Instant Messaging
  • iPhone, Android and Blackberry applications
  • Click-to-Dial from Outlook contacts and emails, Firefox, or Google Chrome
  • Click to dial any staff members extension or personal number from the Switchboard
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