The Receptionist

It’s well known that your customers and clients remember two things about their interaction with your company: the first person they talk to when they come in or call, and the last one they talk to when they leave. Your receptionist is almost always involved in ensuring that your company makes a great impression with your customers. Switchvox provides the customer service tools necessary to make the receptionist's role easy and to help deliver a consistent, professional impression with every customer interaction.


Total Call Control

With the web-based Switchboard, Digium D-Series IP phones, and Switchvox Notifier, the Switchvox phone system, with simple call control tools, provides everything needed to make a receptionist’s job a breeze. Reach people easily with click-to-dial from the Switchboard phonebook or directory, Microsoft Outlook, or any Firefox or Google Chrome web page. With Switchvox's customer service tools for receptionists, you can get people to the right staff member with drag-and-drop transfer to a person’s extension, mobile phone, or directly to voicemail.


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"Switchvox has by far the most powerful interface for the price out there."

Vince Preece, NPI Information Systems



Switchboard provides powerful presence features that keep your receptionist connected to the entire staff. They will be able to see if the staff member they need is available, not to be disturbed, or some other customized message that the staff posted so that they can route the call correctly and quickly.

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Become Armed with Information

Switchvox comes with Salesforce integration included, allowing for vital customer information to be displayed to the receptionist before they ever answer the phone! Use a different CRM? The Switchvox Extend API provides the toolkit to connect to different business software to deliver customer information instantly.

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Creating the Ultimate Customer Experience

Creating the Ultimate Customer Experience Is as Simple as Picking Up the Phone.

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