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System Administrators value two things above all else when it comes to managing any business system: simplicity and flexibility. In the past, managing an IP phone system was tedious, frustrating, and oftentimes infuriating because of complex and illogical GUIs, and limited functionality and control. Switchvox changes all of that, with its intuitive and easy-to-manage interface, and a powerful management and reporting toolkit.

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Gone are the days of complex scripting and coding. No longer do you have to worry about getting lost in a spider web of illogical menu systems or having to search unreadable manuals to find help when managing your phone system. Switchvox IP phone system for System Administrators provides logical and simple menus that make even the most complex tasks a breeze.

Easy to use drop-down menus, quick links, and text fields help keep your Sys Admin productive and happy. And, the Switchvox manuals are built into the GUI and are easily accessible in every setup and management screen, making sure that help is always readily available.

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A simple phone system is great. The combination of simplicity and POWER is unbeatable. On top of the easy and enjoyable user experience for your administrator, Switchvox provides powerful management tools to give your company complex and least cost call routing, advanced automation through the robust interactive voice response system, scheduled call recording, customizable messaging, music on hold and much more!



Every company is different. That's why basic, cookie-cutter settings don’t cut it when it comes to setting up how your customers and clients reach you.  Switchvox provides advanced setup options to allow your Sys Admin to “think outside the box” with your call flow.  You can easily have a different customer experience based on time of day, day of the week, holidays, call volume, or phone number. Switchvox enables you to have calls ring specific people, play unique and targeting messaging or advertisements while on-hold, and provide customer data to your staff in every situation.

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Switchvox offers extensive visibility into your company’s communications. Robust reporting tools are available to track your queues, groups, users, and IVRs. Track number of calls, abandoned calls, login times, wait times and more in real time, on demand, or on a scheduled basis. Plus, on the IT side, you can report on system status, phone status, disk usage and many other vital statistics.




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