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Allison Smith - English

The Voice of Asterisk Professional IVR with a sultry, breathy delivery.

Order Prompt

Chances are, if you've been on hold, listened to the public airwaves, participated in an automated survey, even accessed the audio feature of the new fully-automated thermostats -- you've probably heard Allison Smith. Her extensive experience in national radio campaigns, documentaries, industrial films, telephony narration, in-store and airport announcements and animation voice-overs are well known. She also has a solid background in film, theatre, TV and commercials.

Allison Smith's voice is the voice of AsteriskĀ®. Having established herself as one of the most widely-heard telephone voices in North America, Allison considers working for the Asterisk Community one of the highlights of her career, and looks forward to providing her versatile, rapid-turnaround soundfiles to the community for many years to come.

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