Allison Smith - English

The Voice of Asterisk Professional IVR with a sultry, breathy delivery.

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Chances are, if you’ve worked your way through an IVR, have been on hold, taken an automated survey, listened to a hurricane warning, received a medical appointment reminder, or even been thanked for taking your ticket from a parking dispenser: you’ve heard Allison Smith.

Allison Smith – the default Voice of Asterisk – has established herself as one of the most prevalent telephone voices worldwide. Heard on both enterprise and Open Source Telephony systems, her clients include PetSmart, 3M, NASA, Victoria’s Secret, Royal Caribbean, and Toyota, to name a few.

Involved in voicing Asterisk prompts since its inception – and now broadening into Switchvox – Allison considers her work with the Asterisk Community a highlight of her career, and she looks forward to providing her versatile, affordable, and rapid-turnaround sound files to the Asterisk and Switchvox communities for many years to come.

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