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Asterisk is a revolutionary software package that transforms computers into communications servers. Discover how Asterisk can help you achieve your communications goals. Select the profile that most closely matches your role.

Are you a business owner?

Discover how other business owners have saved thousands while improving productivity with a business phone system based on this open source software.

Are you an IT manager?

Dive in and see how Asterisk's open interfaces make it simple to integrate and innovate with an Asterisk-based IP PBX.

Are you technical?

Use your technical proficiency to build a better communications system. Learn why Asterisk is the one, indispensable tool for your communications toolkit.

Are you a consultant, integrator or solution provider?

Discover how partnering with Digium can take your VoIP business to the next level.

Switchvox or Asterisk? Find out which Digium phone system is right for you.  Download Guide

Switchvox or Asterisk?

As the creator and primary sponsor of the Asterisk project, Digium also makes and sells Switchvox, an affordable, turnkey IP PBX.

We often are asked how to choose between these two solutions, so we created this helpful guide to explain the differences and help you decide which solution is more appropriate for your needs.

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