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PLEASE NOTE: Skype for Asterisk is no longer available for sale. Skype for Asterisk will be supported for two more years, until July 26, 2013.

Why is Skype for Asterisk no longer available?

Skype for Asterisk was developed as a result of an agreement between Digium and Skype to allow distribution of Skype proprietary software. This software enabled Asterisk to make use of proprietary Skype protocols and participate as a native client on the Skype network. Skype decided not to renew this agreement in 2011, so Digium had to cease sales of the product. Skype for Asterisk will be supported until July 26, 2013.

What versions of Asterisk are compatible with Skype for Asterisk?

Asterisk 1.4, 1.6.0, 1.6.1, 1.6.2, and 1.8

Does Skype for Asterisk provide the same capabilities when used with Asterisk 1.4, 1.6.0, 1.6.1 and 1.6.2?


What defines a concurrent call of Skype for Asterisk?

A single call on Skype which uses one licensed version of Skype for Asterisk. One Skype account can make multiple calls to different users or phone numbers. Each call uses a license. Multiple calls between two users are not currently supported and will be added at a later date.

How many users can share a concurrent call?

Each user making a call will use a channel. For calls from one user to another user managed on the same Asterisk server, 2 concurrent calls will be used.

Can I use Skype for Asterisk on Switchvox systems?

Not at this time but is planned in a future Switchvox release.

Can I use Skype for Asterisk with AsteriskNOW and Asterisk Business Edition?


Will Skype for Asterisk run on other open source distributions of Asterisk such as TrixBox CE?

Yes, and will require manual configuration unless a GUI wrapper is created on those systems.

Will users of running systems be able to use Skype for Asterisk without reinstalling?


Is there a monthly charge for using Skype for Asterisk?

No, there is a one time charge for each channel. However, Skype may change their terms of service at any time, including charging for use of Skype for Asterisk on the Skype Network.

Is G.729 included with each channel of Skype for Asterisk?


What components are provided with Skype for Asterisk?

The Skype for Asterisk product consists of two Asterisk loadable modules:

  • - This module contains the Skype engine, along with various libraries and other components required to talk to the Skype engine and manage user accounts, calls, presence, etc. This module is provided in a binary-only form.
  • - This module is the Asterisk channel driver that provides calling services to and from Skype, using the library services provided by

Will Skype for Asterisk support any Skype user?

All Skype accounts used for Skype for Asterisk calls must be managed through Skype Manager. After you create a Skype Manager account, you can create new member accounts or invite existing personal accounts into the Skype Manager.

Will Skype for Asterisk support personal Skype accounts?

Skype accounts used for placing or receiving calls with your Asterisk server and Skype for Asterisk must be created in Skype Manager. These accounts can place and receive calls to/from non-business Skype accounts as well as landlines and mobile phones.

How do I access Skype Manager?

From Skype's website at

Is there a cost for using Skype Manager?

Skype Manager accounts are available during a free trial until the end of October 2010. Skype may change their terms of service at any time, including charging for use of Skype for Asterisk on the Skype Network.

What features are supported?

  • Make Skype-to-Skype calls.
  • Receive calls with online numbers (SkypeIn).
  • Make world-wide PSTN calls to landline and mobile phones (SkypeOut).
  • Make and receive multiple concurrent Skype calls from the same Skype account.
  • DTMF support for incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Read Skype profile fields from incoming calls.
  • Set and retrieve online status.
  • Set privacy settings.
  • Handle incoming Skype calls using Asterisk applications such as voicemail, ACD, MeetMe conferencing, etc.
  • Simultaneous access from both Asterisk and the Skype desktop client.
  • Trunk calls between Asterisk servers over Skype.
  • Supports G.711 and G.729 (included) codecs.
  • Send and receive text chat messages on the Skype network.

Will Skype for Asterisk and Skype for SIP coexist on the same Asterisk Server?


How do I purchase Skype for Asterisk?

If you are an end user, you can buy it from a reseller, or directly from the digium store.

If you are a reseller, you can buy it from a Digium distributor.

If you are a distributor, you can buy it direct from Digium.

How do I get support for Skype for Asterisk?

Skype for Asterisk comes with 90 day installation support from the day of purchase. If you need support, please contact Digium's support team. For subscriptions covering Open Source Asterisk or ABE one incident can be used to support Skype for Asterisk with a current subscription.

Do I get free updates in case a bug or issue is discovered?

Issues/bugs that are discovered with Skype for Asterisk will be addressed in future releases of the product. These releases will be free to all customers that have purchased a license.

Will Skype for Asterisk work with SkypeOut subscriptions or monthly unlimited calling plans?

No, only Skype "Pay As You Go" minutes can be used when Skype for Asterisk is making SkypeOut calls.

Does Skype for Asterisk act as a super node where calls from other Skype users pass through my system?

No, Skype for Asterisk is not configured as a super node. Your system will only see packets destined to or originating from it.

I'm trying to use the Skype account that I've always used with SFA and skype show users' shows that it is Logged Out!

SFA cannot be used with an un-managed Skype account. It can only be used with accounts created from Skype Manager which can be found at AS A WORKAROUND one can forward their non-Manager account to a Skype Manager-created account with the call forwarding rules found in the normal Skype client.

I'm running SELinux and Digium's G729 codec won't load properly. What can I do?

To resolve this issue use this command as root: chcon -t texrel_shlib_t /usr/lib/asterisk/modules/

A symptom of this issue is a message similar to the following: cannot restore segment prot after reloc: Permission denied

Will Skype for Asterisk support text-based chat?

Yes, Skype for Asterisk uses AMI events and dialplan functions to send and receive text chat messages to and from other Skype users. Please see the Skype for Asterisk administrator manual for more details and examples.

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