Switchvox SMB 4.5.4 Release Notes


  • New fax options are available for a channel (Fax Buffer Policy), and for a SIP provider (Fax Detection, Error Correction Mode for T.38 Faxes, Initiate T.38 re-invite after timeout, Enable Audio Failover). Also, BRI and E&M Signaling now offer the fax detection option.
  • The MP3 codec is included for Music On Hold, which means that MP3 files can be uploaded and used for Music on Hold. Please be sure that you have the correct permissions to play those files in Music on Hold.
  • A new option in Network Settings, Web Proxy Hostname, directs all outgoing HTTP and HTTPS traffic to the specified web proxy.
  • A new Sound Prompt Language setting lets a user choose a different language for sounds than the language that he or she chose for the user interface. The appropriate sound pack must be installed.
  • Call Recordings, memory usage, and CPU usage have been optimized under particular circumstances.
  • Mailbox folders can now manage many more messages (the quantity can exceed 9,999).

Issues Resolved

  • ETH1 is disabled for new installations.
  • Manage Extensions no longer has trouble with special characters in an extension's email address.
  • Current Calls now functions correctly: The Hangup option now hangs up the call and refreshes the page, and calls to queues show the correct queue name.
  • Calls that exist in a queue when a member logs in (or removes a pause) will now ring that member.
  • SNMP no longer times out during multiple concurrent calls.
  • Voicemail notifications now set the Return-Path header correctly, to match the From header.
  • Advanced Error Log no longer fails to show messages under particular circumstances.
  • Queue reports now have the appropriate date format in calendar selection when the language is set to English UK.
  • Language keys are no longer shown under particular circumstances.
  • The IVR action Set Distinctive Ring Hint now functions correctly if it is based on a variable in the absence of any other Set Distinctive Ring Hint actions that are based on a static value.
  • Call recordings scheduled for 12:xx AM or PM will now save correctly.
  • An Access Control Rule named TEST will no longer break the display of the page.
  • The Updates page now refreshes appropriately when an update is complete. (During the update to this release, this may still be an issue. However, it will be resolved the next time you apply an update.)
  • DTMF is no longer duplicated over some SIP providers.