Switchvox SMB 4.6 Release Notes


  • A new Automatic IP Blocking feature is going to block network access for suspicious IP numbers. This is on by default, but the settings can be changed. (Machine Admin > Access Control)
  • Strong passwords are now required for extensions and phones. This is on by default, but you can turn it off. (Extensions > Extension Settings)
  • The Download and Apply options have been separated in the Updates Process. (Machine Admin > Updates)
  • Tech Support access is now simplified. (Diagnostics > Tech Support)
  • Echo cancellation can be disabled on the hardware, so that all echo cancellation is handled by the software.
  • Wait Duration setting is now available for a PRI Bearer Channel.
  • Hardware configuration span options now have additional options for Timing Source.

Issues Resolved

  • Backups that exceed 2GBs are now split into multiple files. To restore a multi-file backup, select the 'svmeta' file.
  • When fax notifications are forwarded, they now contain a title, subject, and body.
  • Ampersands no longer cause a problem for the directory on a Polycom phone.
  • Current Calls shows the correct destination number when a fax comes into a DID that has 'Process all calls as fax' enabled.
  • Monitoring processes no longer send email to the administrator.
  • The Concurrent Calls graph displays the correct information for incoming, internal, and phones in use when there is just one outgoing call.
  • Grayscale JPG images are automatically converted to RGB so that they can be displayed correctly.
  • The snom 820 and 870 are now set to the correct language for the web interface.
  • Queue and IVR sounds are undisturbed after adding a non-US English soundpack.
  • API: callReports.search response now returns date data correctly.
  • Call logging no longer misses particular calls under particular circumstances.
  • The directory extension no longer has trouble finding extensions within a new or changed extension group.
  • switchvox.call auto_answer now responds correctly.
  • Error logs now make it clear that an incoming call failed to be received as a fax because it was a voice call.
  • Switchboard Phonebook entries for peered Switchvox extensions correctly show presence when the peered extension is on a call.
  • Changing the 'RTP Port Range' setting for a VOIP provider no longer requires a Software Restart.