Switchvox SMB 5.0.2 Release Notes

Issues Resolved

  • Switchboard is no longer behaving inconsistently under a particular set of circumstances.
  • Incorrect phone-registration passwords no longer cause system problems.
  • The IP Configuration no longer returns an error when changes are saved for a system with multiple NICs.
  • Ranged Caller ID Rules no longer limit the extensions to 3 digits.
  • Consistency improvements are in place for the BLF and calls on Converged Phones.
  • Outbound SMTP Username and Passwords fields can now be blank.
  • The Acknowledge Call setting no longer persists to subsequent actions.
  • Incoming Call Routes no longer have prioritization problems under particular circumstances.
  • Call Reports by phone extension no longer have display issues in particular circumstances.
  • Minimalist Mode no longer causes problems with the display of Setup > Admins > Manage and permissions.
  • Moving a Phonebook entry from 'Normal' to 'Extended' no longer fails under particular circumstances.