Switchvox SMB 5.1.2 Release Notes

Issues Resolved

  • Switchboard Phonebook entries now show the correct Presence consistently.
  • In the Switchboard, calls that were placed on hold can now be transferred without first resuming the call.
  • Call in the Switchboard Current Calls panel no longer incorrectly remain in the Current Calls Panel.
  • SIP extensions no longer become unregistered under a specific, rare set of circumstances.
  • The Event Trigger for On Call Answered no longer gives the wrong value when caller ID name is blank.
  • Call Log entries are no longer being lost under a particular set of circumstances.
  • DTMF tones are no longer sent and received in the wrong order under a particular set of circumstances.
  • All Unknown Phones are now removed from Phone Setup if they are not configured within a month.
  • Using E&M wink signaling no longer causes an error on the Connection Status > Hardware Devices page.
  • Calls no longer fail with a malformed SIP packet error under particular circumstances.
  • The Call Recordings page no longer has XML errors under particular circumstances.
  • The Mailbox page no longer has XML errors under particular circumstances.
  • Scheduled Call Recordings set to Keep Forever are now being kept correctly.
  • The InCall Menu no longer has missing Rapid Transfer options under particular circumstances.
  • The InCall Menu can now be accessed from a call created by the API, to an external converged phone, then called out to another external phone number.
  • Managing channels on a system with an analog card no longer causes system failures under particular, rare circumstances.
  • Outgoing Call Rules can now correctly prepend a single 0(zero).
  • Using an ampersand (&) in the Proxy Password of a web proxy no longer causes an error.