Switchvox SMB 5.8.2 Release Notes

Issues Resolved

  • The Music On Hold tool now includes a software restart button, which should be used after making changes to Music On Hold.  
  • The Music On Hold songs table now displays the Group name correctly after the Group name is modified.
  • Music On Hold's Default System Group now also applies to Parking and Conference Room music. 
  • Music On Hold no longer stops working after a Software Reload.
  • Editing an incoming DID route no longer incorrectly displays a warning that the route conflicts with itself.
  • Uploading an extension profile image that is exactly 75x100 pixels no longer causes a UI error.
  • New Digium Phone Apps can now be uploaded after restoring from a backup. (Restoring from a backup did not cause a problem for existing phone apps.)
  • Call Status for local extensions is no longer cleared when Switchboard reloads. However, there is still a known issue of status for peered extensions being cleared on a reload.
  • The Contacts App on the Digium Phone is now allowed to add a peered extension to a Switchvox Phonebook. 
  • Digium Phones version 1.4.1 (1_4_1_0_60822)
    • The Forward Calls app now correctly handles forwarding to numbers entered manually.
    • Speaker light now resets properly when hanging up an active call to answer an incoming call.
    • All softkeys and feature buttons now function appropriately in the Contacts App when accessed via the Applications list in the Menu.
    • Searching in the Contacts app now allows correct dialing. This was sometimes interrupted by statuses changing for the phone's rapid dial contacts.
    • LLDP functionality has been modified for the HP A5210 switch. (The phone no longer advertises "Extended Power via MDI-PSE" in the LLDP packet.)
    • Digits dialed before an incoming page are now cleared from the phone.
    • When receiving two calls at one time, selecting Send VM or Ignore no longer stops the other call from ringing.
    • The Call Log app now displays the primary account by default, even after dialing a secondary account's call.