Your Switchvox Voicemail

Picking up Voicemail and Faxes

Switchvox has quite a few ways to reach your voicemail messages and faxes.

  • To retrieve voicemail messages and faxes from within Switchvox:
  • Check your Mailbox in the Switchvox Web Suite, Voicemail / Fax > Mailbox.
  • On your desk phone, press the Msgs or Voicemail button to listen to voicemail.
  • On a Switchvox extension, call the Voicemail Extension (usually 899) to listen to voicemail, record greetings, and more.
  • To retrieve voicemail messages and faxes from outside of Switchvox:
  • Set up your favorite email client to pick up your voicemail and faxes from Switchvox.
  • From any phone, call your own extension and press star (*) to enter the Voicemail Menu.
    (This feature must be set in the admin suite, Tools > PBX Features > Voicemail.)
  • Dial an external company phone number that is routed to the Voicemail Extension.
    (This feature must be set in the admin suite, Setup > Call Routing > Incoming Calls > DID Routes.)
  • Dial to reach an IVR with an option to be transferred to the Voicemail Extension.
    (That IVR must be defined in the admin suite, Tools > PBX Features > IVR Editor.)

Managing Greetings

  • To manage your voicemail greetings, you have several options:
  • In the web suite, go to Voicemail / Fax > Voicemail Options, and use the Greetings tab.
  • In Switchvox Mobile, you can make greetings active. However, you cannot create new greetings.
  • In the Voicemail Menu, press 0 then press the appropriate option:
    • 1 to record your unavailable message
    • 2 to record your busy message
    • 3 to record your name

There are many ways to reach the Voicemail Menu. The section above, Picking up Voicemail and Faxes, explains all of them.

Managing Notifications

  • To set up notifications, go to the web suite's Voicemail / Fax > Voicemail Options.

You can set up Switchvox to notify you as soon as you receive a voicemail. This can be customized (HTML or text) email messages to any email address, or an email text your mobile phone (if your provider and phone have that feature).

Notifications can include information about the message, and download links to hear or see the message. 

The Switchvox Voicemail Menu

When you call the Voicemail system, you have many options

  • Listen to a message
  • Forward a message
  • Save a message
  • Send a reply message
  • Call-back the person who left a message
  • Navigate voicemail folders
  • Record greetings

Click the image below to see the full menu.