Single Span

Add up to 24 (T1) or 30 (E1) crystal clear digital calls to your Asterisk system with a Digium single span digital telephony card. Available in PCI or PCI Express form factor, the single span cards use state of the art technology for unsurpassed call quality and system compatibility.

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Single Span Digital Telephony Card

Dual Span

With a dual-span Digium digital telephony card you can add up to 48 (T1) or 60 (E1) calls to your Asterisk communications system. With a five year warranty, an optional echo cancellation module and support from the Asterisk experts, Digium cards are the gold standard for PSTN connectivity.

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Dual Span Digital Telephony Card

Quad Span

Building a large-scale communications system with Asterisk? A Digium quad span card lets you up to four T1 or E1 circuits. That's a total of 96 (T1) or 120 (E1) concurrent calls. All quad span cards come with Digium's Exceptional Satisfaction Program (ESP) risk-free guarantee, a five year warranty and support for the optional VPMOCT064 echo canceller.

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TE435 Digital Card

Octal Span

Supersize your Asterisk application with the TE820. Digium’s highest density digital telephony card, the TE820 adds up to eight T1 or E1 connections. That adds up to 192 (T1) or 240 (E1) calls on a single slot. The TE820 gives you the power to build large-scale Asterisk® applications that require high-performance, cost effective digital connectivity.

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Octal Span Digital Telephony Card


Built exclusively for the European market, Digium's Euro ISDN BRI cards add up to four connections (8 concurrent calls) to your Asterisk system. Each of the ports can be independently configured for TE or NT mode, making the cards a flexible, cost effective means of adding BRI service to your Asterisk solution.

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Euro ISDN BRI Digital Telephony Card

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