Analog FXS Module Power Supply

FXS modules provide ringing voltage and battery to telephones or handsets and require substantial amount of 12V DC power in order to operate properly. The PCI interface on motherboards cannot provide sufficient quantities of this voltage necessary to ring 4, 8 or 24 modules. As a solution, Digium analog cards are mounted with a 4-pin disk-drive or Molex connector on the base board. This connector must be supplied with an internal power connector from the system's power supply if FXS modules are in use.

For systems without available internal 12V power connectors, the PWR2400B is the solution. The PWR2400B provides the 12V DC power to analog interface cards that is necessary to drive FXS modules. FXO modules do not provide ring voltage or battery and thus do not require any external power resources. The PWR2400B, which does not connect to the PCI bus, occupies one server slot and ships with two 15" 12V four-pin cables that can be attached to analog interface cards.

The PWR2400B is fed power via one or two included Digium external power supplies and is available through 2 part numbers containing either 1 (1PWR2401BLF) or 2 (1PWR2402BLF) power supplies.

The PWR2400B is intended to only be used with UL Listed Digium analog cards. The PWR2400B is not intended to be powered by any supply other than Digium's own UL Listed power supply.

Actual Digium transforming power supply not shown.

Analog FXS Module Power Supply

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  • 1PWR2401BLF - One external power supply bundle for analog card station (FXS) modules
  • 1PWR2402BLF - Two external power supply bundle for analog card station (FXS) modules

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