The Business Owner

As a business owner, you understand your phone system is the gateway between your customers and your company. Every phone call is a reflection of your brand and can shape how customers view the products and services you offer. You need a communications solution that is reliable, enables employees to do their jobs efficiently, and doesn’t cost a fortune. With open source Asterisk, you have the opportunity to build a phone system customized specifically to the needs of your company and that will help you reach your business goals. And, you can do so while savings thousands of dollars. Discover how using open source Asterisk saves money, offers advanced features, and gives your company a competitive edge.

Case Study

Businesses, like yours, have used Asterisk to change the way their companies communicate - while also benefitting from significant cost savings. Scott McCrea, CIO of Michigan Caterpillar, was faced with the dilemma of cost-effectively upgrading an aging proprietary IP PBX. He chose Asterisk and saved over $300,000. Find out how he made open source communications work for his business.

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You've probably been told there are business-critical features you must have in a phone system. These features include: call switching, voice messaging, conferencing, call queuing, menus and automated attendants, least cost routing, calendar integration, PSTN, and VoIP interfaces. Typically, these must-have features become expensive add-ons when purchasing a proprietary phone system. With Asterisk, you get all of these features, and many more, included in the base distribution with no additional per-user or per-call license fees required.

Switchvox or Asterisk? Find out which solution is right for you. Take the ‘Switchvox or Asterisk’ challenge!


Whether you're starting a new business or growing an existing company, Asterisk can save you thousands on your business phone system. Asterisk turns an ordinary computer into a powerful communications server. Even better, there's no proprietary hardware, no exorbitant licensing fees and no permanent ties to a single vendor. With Asterisk you can take advantage of low-cost VoIP service, use business phones built on open standards, and access enhanced features that would typically cost thousands of dollars to add to any proprietary business phone system.

Freedom of Choice

You have the freedom to choose the deployment approach that best fits your business. If you have an in-house technical team or an IT consultant, you may be best served with a do-it-yourself (DYI) approach. On the other hand, if your company has limited technical expertise or simply doesn’t have the time to take on the project internally, you may appreciate some additional assistance. In that case, Digium has a global network of Asterisk experts who can help you succeed with your Asterisk project.

Do It Yourself (DIY)

You or your IT staff can use Asterisk to create low-cost, high-value communications solutions for your business.

Consultant / Integrator

Work with a trusted advisor to build a best-of-breed Unified Communications solution.

Pre-Packaged Solution

Discover the power of Asterisk-based solutions like Digium’s Switchvox IP PBX and Unified Communications server.

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