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Do your customers have specific communications needs that proprietary systems simply don’t meet? Is the high cost of vendor-built solutions cutting into your profits? With Asterisk, you can leverage the power of open source technology to design custom communications systems that directly meet the individual needs of your customers without putting a strain on their budgets. As a Digium partner, you can also supply them with the necessary hardware, such as IP phones, that were designed specifically for use with an Asterisk-based system. Discover how free and open source technology can improve your customers’ communications and increase your bottom line.

Case Study

Not convinced that Asterisk is the right tool for custom communication solutions? Discover how Clarotech built a 1000-seat call center for Nimble Group.

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Asterisk Integrator

Digium integration partners build, install, and maintain custom communication solutions based on Asterisk. To qualify experience in telecommunications, Linux systems administration, TCP/IP networking and programming is needed. All integration partners must hold a DCAP certification.

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Are you a technology professional looking for an exciting opportunity that can open new doors and enrich your margins? Look no further than Digium and Asterisk. The communications industry is in the middle of a massive shift in technology. Legacy analog and digital phone systems are being replaced with modern IP-based solutions. Unified Communications is changing the way businesses interact with their customers.

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Digium stands behind our integration partners 100%, offering training, technical support, co-marketing opportunities, and qualified leads.


With Asterisk, the sky is the limit. From simple gateways to carrier networks, Asterisk makes it easy. Asterisk handles the plumbing, leaving you free to concentrate on business logic, user experience, and optimal integration.


As an integrator you need support you can count on. Digium’s integrator partners have automatic access to our world-class support team. Discover the advantage of working with the people who built Asterisk.

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