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Asterisk is built by developers, for developers. Whether you are creating a basic phone system or an advanced, custom communications solution, Asterisk provides the perfect framework for your project. Harness the power of open source technology and a worldwide community of developers to help bring your project to life. Discover how Asterisk can become the one indispensable tool in your communications toolbox.

Case Study

Faced with an aging voice messaging system, the University of Pennsylvania decided to build a campus-wide Unified Communications system for 30,000+ students, faculty, and staff. Their project resulted in significant cost savings and a solution that exceeds expectations. Find out how the Asterisk open source solution worked for the University of Pennsylvania.

Choose Your Weapons

Thousands of developers worldwide have discovered why Asterisk is the leading platform for custom communications solutions and new communications products. Building a basic solution? Start with Dialplan, the simple native scripting language that abstracts complex actions into simple, logical function calls. Need integration with external data or infrastructure? Use the Asterisk Gateway Interface (AGI) to build advanced applications in the language of your choice. Need to change the way Asterisk behaves or add low-level functionality? Asterisk’s C-language API gives you complete control.

Switchvox or Asterisk? Find out which solution is right for you. Take the ‘Switchvox or Asterisk’ challenge!

Build the Future

Whether you need a carrier-grade switching platform or an embedded IP PBX, Asterisk makes it easy to get started. Asterisk handles the low-level details of communications, including protocol implementation, hardware interface, media manipulation, and more. This means you can spend your time working on business logic rather than plumbing.


Digium offers both live instructor-led classes, and online self-paced programs to help developers, integrators, and systems administrators get started with Asterisk. Whether you’re building a basic phone system or an advanced enterprise call center, Asterisk training can help quickly overcome any learning curve.

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One of the most common concerns with open source solutions is the lack of support. With Asterisk you have many support options, including Asterisk support subscriptions, which gives you access to a world-class team of Asterisk experts. Options range from single systems to global enterprise networks, and from basic email support to full remote assistance. With Digium, you’re never alone.

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