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As a Technical Manager, you understand the importance of your company’s communications network and its impact on everyday business operations. To keep the company running smoothly, you need a reliable communications solution that easily integrates with other technologies and fits within your budget. Open source Asterisk gives you full control over your communications infrastructure and the flexibility to design it with other technology platforms in mind - without the steep price tag of a proprietary system. Discover how Asterisk can serve as a key component in your business communications infrastructure.

Case Study

IT leaders have implemented Asterisk and saved their companies thousands of dollars, while also adding business-critical features that legacy phone vendors just can’t touch. See how the city of Cheektowaga, New York tied 15 locations and over 500 city employees together using open source Asterisk. Want to know more? See our other customer success stories.

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Cost Savings

As an IT manager you’re already aware of the significant cost savings that can be achieved with open source software. Asterisk can serve as the core of your corporate communications network or breathe new life into a legacy PBX. With no per-seat or per-call license fees, inexpensive support and integration services, and pre-built packages that cost a fraction of proprietary solutions, Asterisk can dramatically cut your communications costs.

Switchvox or Asterisk? Find out which solution is right for you. Take the ‘Switchvox or Asterisk’ challenge!


When you choose to deploy an Asterisk system, you’re never alone. Digium offers support subscriptions ranging from a single Asterisk server to a complete enterprise network. Digium’s professional technical support team knows Asterisk inside and out and is ready to assist you and your IT staff with installation, configuration, and troubleshooting.


Thousands of businesses around the world rely on Asterisk. From embedded IP PBX systems to international carrier networks, Asterisk is the most widely adopted open source communications platform. With over a decade of in-the-field operation, Asterisk has proven itself to be a stable, reliable solution for businesses of all sizes.


Asterisk includes four key interfaces that allow it to be easily integrated into your business. The Dialplan scripting language makes it easy to quickly build powerful applications, including IP PBX, IVR, ACD, conference bridge, voice messaging, and call recording. The Asterisk Gateway Interface (AGI) exposes the power of Asterisk to external languages, including PHP, Python, Perl, and Ruby. The Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI) offers simple, socket-based third party call control and event notification. The complete C-language API is also open and available if your IT staff wants complete control over the operation of your Asterisk system.

This unprecedented level of open access makes it simple for your developers and integrators to tie Asterisk directly into business processes. Could your company benefit from offering better customer service? Tie Asterisk into your CRM. Are you being asked to provide more accurate and timely tracking or your organization’s communications costs? Tie Asterisk in with your ERP or accounting system- no extra licenses or adapters required.

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