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Digium's Switchvox Saves Boyle Transportation Tens of Thousands of Dollars for Their CRM/ERP System Roll-out

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A 40-year-old nationwide Interstate trucking company, Boyle Transportation is based in Billerica, MA and is the premier provider of Transportation Protective Services to the Department of Defense and shippers of security-sensitive cargo. Operating in the 48 contiguous states throughout the United States as well as Canada, Boyle has service centers in Apple Valley, CA; Bloomfield, IN; Kiowa, OK; and Yorktown, VA, Boyle serves as the premier provider of transportation protective services to the Department of Defense and shippers of security-sensitive cargo and operates a mission critical call center for its dispatch center that is open 24/7 to meet the needs of customers. Most of their cargo consists of high security government property. For Boyle Transportation’s call center application, quality phone service is essential to their business operation.


Evaluating their current Cisco phone system, Boyle realized that this system’s capabilities, features, and licensing no longer addressed the needs for their office phone system as well as their service call center. To upgrade this existing system would be very costly for Boyle Transportation. In fact, company officials were shell-shocked with the upgrade price.


Digium’s Switchvox became the winning solution for Boyle’s telephony needs for many reasons:

  • Switchvox is based on open standards SIP, or Session Initiated Protocol.
  • The integrated Switchvox switchboard and ability to build custom application around it was appealing to Boyle.
  • Switchvox offers a more cost-effective, more simplified licensing model than their previous solution.
  • Boyle Transport implemented several custom switchboard applications for its call center.


Incorporating Switchvox enabled Boyle Transportation to integrate its IVR and switchboard to its back office CRM/ ERP applications much more effectively. In addition, the company saved tens of thousands of dollars over upgrading the Cisco system or replacing the system with an Avaya solution. With the Switchvox support of SIP and open standards allowed Boyle Transport to repurpose their existing phones, integrating them with Switchvox, ultimately saving the costs associated with upgrading to a completely new call manager. In addition, for no extra money, Boyle implements additional features such as call recording.
The call center, located in the operations department, has two toll-free telephone numbers for drivers and one number for customers along with several remote users who connect to Switchvox on a daily basis. Users of this phone system indicate that they are benefiting from the features of the easy-to-use Switchboard and integrated web applications.


According to Nancy E. Haskell, Boyle Transportation’s director of administration, Switchvox provided a 50 percent cost savings in its first year of operation. This Switchvox system is highly customized to meet Boyle Transportation’s customer service and administrative needs. Every aspect of this rollout is tightly integrated to the company’s CRM/ERP system. The company is able to use the Switchvox web services framework to perform complex queries in real time to back end CRM systems. The dial plan, IVR, Reports and switchboard are all highly dependent on CRM/ERP interaction, and Boyle Transportation was able to greatly surpass the feature set of its previous Cisco system with greater flexibility and more efficient call handling.

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