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Digium's Switchvox Means Better Large-Volume Call Handling and Sales Reporting for Developer of Bible Study Software

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Founded in 1991, Logos Bible Software develops and produces searchable software packages for Bible study. The company partners with more than 100 publishers to make more than 12,000 electronic bible study resources available to pastors and churches as well as seminaries and Bible colleges around the world. The privately held company has about 250 employees and fields some 2,500 phone calls per week.


More than 60 percent of the calls Logos gets are for customer service, with the majority of the other calls falling under marketing and sales of the company’s products. The Bellingham, Wash.-based company had outgrown its previous system which “just couldn’t meet our demands,” said John Pitton, network architect and systems administrator for Logos. “The financial constraints and limitation with the existing system – it was more of an archaic system to say the least.”


To meet growing technical demand, Logos turned to Digium Switchvox’s 355 Series. Features include inbound call queuing and call tracking – at about one-third the cost of competitors’ systems. “Compared with other systems we looked at, Digium’s was definitely within the price range for our CEO,” he said. “It was the most robust system that they had available. It fit our call volume. All the ones that were lower than this level couldn’t handle the 75 concurrent calls which we could end up hitting.”


For Logos Bible Software, the installation of a new Digium Switchvox system meant not only greater success at handling call volume, but way to track the sales results from those incoming calls. The system also allows for greater management of call data, Pitton said, allowing that data to be merged with Logos’ proprietary marketing analysis software to track which calls result in a sale. “On every transferred call to sales, we can know, by the week of by the day, how much income we’re getting off that particular transfer. It’s huge to be able to see that and analyze it within our internal systems,” he said. “I can see exactly what happened to the call, from the birth of the call to the death of the call. It definitely makes trouble shooting a lot easier,” he said. “I can cut my work time down to minutes instead of hours poring over reports.”

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