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Asterisk gives hosting company the flexibility to manage telecommunications and operate from anywhere in the world.

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“Asterisk is the most customizable telecom framework for PBX systems on the planet,” says Peter Howell of Mecca Hosting in Colorado Springs, Colorado. “We have been using Asterisk since 2002 because we needed a platform in which our employees could call customers without giving them access to customer information, as well as their actual telephone numbers, based on our strict privacy policy.”

Mecca Hosting originally started as a domain name registration company. In January 2001, it expanded into a fast, reliable, and secure hosting solution. Mecca sought out Asterisk as a possible solution for its business communications requirements because the open source telephony project was recognized worldwide for being an easy, flexible way for telecom engineers, technicians, and even hobbyists to build customized telecom solutions.

Sponsored by Digium, Asterisk is a virtual toolbox of applications that can turn an ordinary computer into a telecommunications server. Asterisk powers IP PBX systems, VoIP gateways, and conference servers for call centers, carriers, governments, and businesses of all sizes worldwide.

Customized Asterisk Implementation

“We developed our own Low Cost Routing (LCR) system using MySQL and E164 lookups on Asterisk,” Howell explains. “We use a one-click dial system for all of our customers and vendors, which makes telephone communications a breeze.”

Mecca Hosting employees typically work from their homes or hotels all over the world, and don’t always have access to a SIP phone. Employees utilize the proprietary call-connect system to contact their customers and vendors from any analog phone. On the customers’ end, the calls appear as if they are coming from a Mecca Hosting company phone and not from an unrecognizable number.

“Asterisk has given us the flexibility to run our business from anywhere in the world, and the ability to manage telecommunications in a way that suits our business model,” says Howell. “The web hosting industry is one of the most competitive in the world, and Asterisk has been the main technology moving us forward in the industry.”

Constantly Evolving

Because Asterisk is open source technology, it is constantly made better by telecom professionals and developers around the world, evolving as technology gets more advanced.

“Asterisk has moved forward with the technology evolving around it,” says Howell. “We started running Asterisk on a small Pentium system in a small office, then grew into a full Colorado-based data center. Today we are running it from the Amazon cloud. Mecca Hosting loves Asterisk and we will continue to use it forever!”

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