Taguig City, Philippines

A Success Story

Asterisk is the Solution for Growing Philippine City

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With over 600,000 residents, Taguig City, Philippines, is an important industrial, commercial, and residential center. With an elaborate industry including food manufacturing, electronics, garments,
and service industries, Taguig City is a quickly growing asset to the overall Philippine economy.


The city’s government center includes a central city hall, over ten police and fire stations, and nearly 40 schools. With this distributed architecture, the city faced numerous communications challenges. A legacy end-of-life Panasonic PBX needed immediate replacement. Flexibility issues existed with the old system, and functionality was severely limited. The city desired advanced features including contact center functionality, call detail reports, call statistics, and centralized dial plan.


Taguig City turned to NEXTix Inc. to find a solution to their communications headaches. NEXTix proposed a high-availability and feature-rich Asterisk solution. All of the city’s communications needs were met, delivering reliable distributed communications in addition to an advanced feature set.


Taguig City’s new voice communications network featured four Asterisk servers in two physical locations. Using a clustered dialplan, an auto provisioning system, and an intuitive fax dispatch system, the city immediately realized the increase in communications effectiveness. Custom embedded appliances running Asterisk were deployed to remote locations, supporting FXO, FXS and PRI interfaces to the Public Switched Telephone Network. These appliances integrated with the city’s clustered dialplan to connect multiple city offices, public safety stations, and schools together. In addition, NEXTix’s engineering team implemented a revolutionary network topology to support multi-site distributed communications across the city. Utilizing WiMax wireless technology with multiple star topology networks, the city now had a platform to support high-availability data and voice communications.


Taguig City immediately realized the effectiveness and benefits of Asterisk in many ways. First, significant cost savings were observed on monthly recurring telecom charges. Unauthorized toll calls were eliminated. Handling remote inter-department calls became significantly easier through the distributed dialplan. Finally, all incoming calls, including death threats, extortion and corruption activities are now easily monitored.

In September of 2009, Taguig City’s Asterisk-based communications solution was tested with Tropical Storm Ketsana. The city’s new communication architecture saved many casualties by serving thousands of calls daily to the city government’s contact center during the disaster. The high-availability implementation was tested during the tropical storm, and proved to be successful in delivering high volumes of critical calls throughout the storm.

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