A Success Story

Asterisk-based Digium IP Phones Instrumental in Launching xCALLY Shuttle Software for Call Centers Worldwide

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Specializing in customer care software solutions for the Contact (Call) Center market worldwide, Xenialab based in Turin, Italy developed an integrated call center solution in 2012-13 using the powerful Digium API available inside the Digium Gateway platforms. Since then, many customers around the world from Europe to Asia have been using the seamless xCALLY/Digium gateway solution in conjunction with Digium’s prevailing high definition phones. It provides a “powerful but simple” web interface that is quick and easy to configure and manage; provides a user-friendly experience for xCALLY resellers and customers; and is flexible in terms of scalability, especially for customers looking to protect their investments by steady, systematic growth.

The Digium Solution

Switching xCALLY call centers to Digium high definition IP phones proved to be essential to Xenialab’s 2014 launch of xCALLY Shuttle, their new Asterisk-based Customer Care software. Now operators have
more Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), that is, more power for controlling their phones with their computers, while Digium phones are instrumental in the new Unified Agent Desktop (UAD) capability, which gives Customer Care agents, team leaders, and supervisors a 3-way experience. Using the xCALLY phone bar, the WebRTC client, or an external IP phone device, the contact center’s efficiency< drastically improves along with significantly improving the customer experience. “As far as the external phone device goes, we have selected the Digium IP phones in order to build an effective CTI solution for Customer Care,” says Diego Gosmar, Xenialab cofounder and CEO. “We have been looking for high quality in the phones and the possibility of using the flexible and powerful API like the ones Digium and Asterisk provide.”

Now xCALLY provides seamless and fast integration between Asterisk, Digium IP phones, and external applications such as well-known CRM, ticketing solutions, etc. that are scalable according to the growth of your customer care needs. For example, when a call comes in to the queue, the UAD has a powerful Drag and Drop visual IVR called Cally Square that helps the operator manage call flow by retrieving useful customer information from an external database. That information displays directly on their Digium phone interface, giving the agent the option to pick-up the call or reroute it, based on the company’s preferred Asterisk strategy. Finally, the xCALLY API customizes CTI according to your needs by immediately linking the external CRM database with the Asterisk phone system. This means call centers can track the history of interaction with each customer. It links call recordings and IVR choices, or lets the agent create a ticket and simply take notes that remain linked to the history of the caller. Gosmar and his partner, cofounder and CTO Giuseppe Innamorato, strongly believe they can guarantee a high level of investment protection to emerging call center companies and software markets looking for a powerful solution like xCALLY/Digium gateway systems, xCALLY Shuttle, CALLY Square, and the UAD. “We have been working hard in our labs to develop a very scalable and robust Push Technology able to interact with Asterisk, the Digium Phone API, and external applications like custom and open CRM,” says Innamorato. “As a result, the integration is fast, reliable, and able to provide your Asterisk customer care agents all the information they need using a powerful CTI, integrating Shuttle, and the flexible and easy-to-use Digium IP phone devices.”

CALLY Shuttle and the UAD are the second phase of Xenialab’s customizable Asterisk-based VoIP solutions to help call centers worldwide drastically improve performance. Experts in open source Asterisk CTI including Asterisk IVR, WebRTC, and HTML5 solutions, Xenialab launched xCALLY a few years ago as a suite of applications that provided each agent position with a flexible and powerful phone bar that let operators manage multiple inbound and outbound tasks quickly and easily. The discovery of Digium’s E1/T1 Gateway in 2012 solved many problems they were having easily and quickly connecting via SIP-PSTN media gateways. The versatility of Digium phones, the innovation in Digium’s product, and Asterisk’s mighty flexibility have been instrumental in xCALLY’s ability to expand and grow their capabilities to keep up with the needs of their customers as they grow and their needs expand.

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