Integrating With CRM Systems - Salesforce

Know more about every call and improve customer service

Know more about every call before you pick up the phone

With an intuitive business phone system like Switchvox, Salesforce integration means that the CRM record for a caller gets popped up automatically so before your employees even answer the phone, they know who that caller last spoke with, what they spoke about, which company they are with, and the city and timezone where they are located. With "big data" and focus on improving customer service in every business, it's even better when your phone system can take advantage of the data. It's another advantage of Unified Communications - you can integrate with systems like and know more about every caller the minute you pick up the phone.

Does your phone system help you amaze your customers?

Having access to the 360 degree view of the customer is important. You want to be able to easily integrate with the other software tools your employees use every day. So, if your business ships products and uses a website or software for package tracking, wouldn’t it be great if the employees that most often answer questions about where a customer’s package is didn’t have to look that up manually? This is the power of CRM integration. The phone system can integrate with your customer database and automatically show where all the caller’s orders are, in real time, giving your both your employees and callers access to real-time information.

If you have a customer call, wouldn't you want to know the last time they contact your Tech Support team, when they placed their last order? If you have data in your CRM system, make sure your business phone system is taking advantage of that information. Your customers will thank you for it.

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