Why is interoperability important?

Leverage your IT investments in legacy systems

If you are like most businesses, you'll expect interoperability between your systems. Ensuring that you have maximized your IT investment is important and is often a consideration as you shop for a new phone system. For budget-conscious business decision makers who want to simply preserve a connection to a legacy IP PBX as they plan for the transition to a UC system, gateways are the answer. VoIP gateways are often used to help businesses connect a legacy PBX, take the first step towards SIP, or even connect to a UC solution like Digium’s Switchvox. As you streamline your IT costs, it's important to look for systems that let you connect and leverage legacy systems and multiple platforms. You can use a VoIP gateway to connect for VoIP, whether it is TDM-to-SIP, SIP-to-TDM or SIP-to-SIP (transcoding).

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Cloud for using Asterisk software anywhere

Virtualization and cloud computing have drastically changed the dynamics of IT in the past decade. Rather than buying a new server to run a particular application, businesses simply spin up a new virtual machine. And these virtual machines never seem to have card slots. The process of converting phone lines into SIP and RTP packets into a separate, dedicated, solid-state device, partners can put an Asterisk (Digium’s open source telephony platform) application anywhere. It can be on a server; on a slice of virtual infrastructure; or on a cloud instance - anywhere you choose. Flexibility is a requirement for your IT team in order to scale for growth.

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