Improving Patient Care with a Phone System for Healthcare

Delivering advanced, affordable VoIP for healthcare

A VoIP business phone system needs to help you do more than answer calls. With Switchvox, you can connect staff and patients in minutes, respond faster, have patient data at your fingertips from your office or from your mobile phone.

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Cut the cord and go mobile

Connect patients to the right person at any time in any location on any device including your smartphone.

Availability defined by you

Set your status to determine your availability and define how your calls get routed.

Dr. privacy regardless of time and location

Integrate all office communications right from your smartphone, without sacrificing your personal information.

Why Switchvox?

Switchvox helps improve quality and is also cost efficient. Many companies such as Strategic Health Care of Santa Barbara were very impressed with the features and saved money. Strategic Health Care reported cost savings of more than $25,000 a year in user costs.

Why Switchvox? - Testimonial

Strategic Health Care stated, “Among the reasons for selecting Digium was the flexibility of the Switchvox Unified Communications solution – the family of IP PBXs delivers web interface applications directly to the telephone handset. Known for its user-friendly edge with administrators, it also has a price point advantage. The business-critical features that businesses require today are already included in the price of the appliance, rather than priced separately as add-on features.”

Why Switchvox? - Testimonial

Healthcare Features with Switchvox


This feature allows you to pull up patient records. The Switchboard helps the industry take a step closer to EMR and EHR.



Digium's VoIP gateways are cost-effective, industrial grade appliances that simplify the process of deploying converged media networks.


Call Recording

Call recording feature allows you to record calls, this is especially beneficial for improving customer care.


Multisite Features

When you have multiple medical offices it may be a little more difficult to get in contact with other employees. With the Multisite feature you will be able to get connected between multiple offices, by only dialing the extension numbers.



Healthcare providers have to stay on the go to keep up with many of their patients. The mobility feature makes it easy to keep in touch no matter where you are.


Queues/ACD functionality

With the call queues functionality you can direct the customers right to where they need to be. You can upload music or record announcements, and you can let your callers know when they can expect to talk to someone.


Reporting Capability

Switchvox Queue Reporting instantly shows you meaningful trends with graphical charts. By looking at the trends you will be able to improve your customer service and sales.


Automatic Reminders

Switchvox can integrate easily with 3rd party solutions for easy automatic reminders. By installing an automated telephone system, the process of appointment reminders can be simple and save your personnel hours.


Video Conferencing

Switchvox’s integration with Lifesize provides a great HD video conferencing feature that can help improve accuracy and communication between healthcare providers and patients. This feature can expand opportunities for Telehealth solutions.


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