VoIP Basics

A VoIP phone system uses IP technology to handle your call control and manage your connections to the Wide Area Network. Even though a VoIP phone system uses VoIP...

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What is VoIP?

Office communications have changed a lot, but one thing that hasn't is the list of acronyms to describe the old and new ways to connect your business phone system. There are a couple of terms that are the most commonly used...

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Is Your Network Ready for VoIP?

If you have a general understanding of how to analyze your network, or know what types of questions you need to be prepared to answer, then you can better decide which type of phone system is right for you...

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What is Quality of Service?

As you review your network, you may hear the term QoS. See what it means - and why it matters to your VoIP phone system...

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Upgrading From Legacy Phone System?

To better understand the specific role of Unified Communications within any organization, but in particular that of SMBs, consider this list of “must-haves" for businesses seeking a new telecommunications solution...

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