Upgrading From A Legacy Phone System?

Benefits of Upgrading Your Phone System

You might have a phone system that is sitting in your back office. Or you’re using a key system that isn’t providing you the functionality you need. If you are like many businesses, you may not realize the benefits of a new business phone system. Often times, you can get more advanced features for less than you are paying on your current system! You may want the benefits of mobile integration – connecting remote workers who access your network from their tablet, iPhone or Android device. You may want the ability to customize your system to work with your other third-party systems. Our Switchvox system gives you access to APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), letting you easily leverage your UC system to integrate with customer support databases, Salesforce or Zendesk.

There are many reasons businesses choose to upgrade to VoIP or Unified Communications solutions. Here are a few of the top things to consider.

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Potential Savings with VoIP - Piggy Bank

Potential savings when switching to VoIP or Unified Communications

A system like Switchvox allows your business to place calls using traditional PSTN telephone lines or with VoIP, saving you up to 70 percent on your monthly phone bill. Almost all VoIP systems will save you more than a proprietary system - the difference is in how easy the system is to use and understanding which features are included. It’s important to ask if all features are included or if there are extra charges with your phone system. Simply eliminating extra charges for conference call systems, recording capabilities, or even mobility can really add up. Ask your vendor for a total cost of ownership and whether these features are all included. That means maximum savings for you.

Choosing a UC system that will grow with you

Your business won’t be the same size forever, so your phone system needs to grow with you. Is the system scalable to meet the needs of your business growth three to five years from now? How easy is it to add users? What if you expand to include other remote locations? How will you connect remote employees?

If you’re like most businesses, you want a system that can easily accommodate future growth, without unexpected expenses.

Scalability and advanced features are important considerations.

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Gaining access to information at your fingertips, improving customer service

Unified Communications solutions give you the benefit of multiple collaboration and communication features, all within one platform. With customer data at your fingertips. you can handle every caller with care, improving your customer service. You’ll know when your best customers are calling and can route them to the appropriate agent. You can even anticipate your support callers and troubleshoot those more efficiently. Businesses need to be able to do more than place and receive calls, so a UC system gives you powerful information, all in a single interface. One of the many benefits of UC is the intelligence it provides for your business.

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Improving ease of doing business from adding users to managing your calls

An intuitive point-and-click interface is essential. People can be impatient and slow to adopt systems that aren’t easy to use. Setting up new users should only take minutes. Since you are always on the go, your system needs to be accessible from anywhere you have Internet access. You should be able to empower your employees to manage their own find me, follow me and voicemail boxes, offloading these tasks from the traditional IT department. With the right UC system, your team can easily know the “who, what, when, and where” of all business calls integrating caller ID, distinctive ringtones and call history. No training required! It should be easy to drag, drop, record, report and manage your business phone system.

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Boosting productivity and increasing efficiency among employees

Productivity gains are a huge incentive for upgrading to UC. According to a report by Eastern Management Group, 93% of UC buyers see at least some benefit realized post-deployment. Because UC allows users to switch between multiple modes of communication, they are able to streamline workflows and complete tasks more efficiently. 3rd party integrations enable quicker access to information, and mobility features allow employees to work from any location. Additionally, UC adopters find themselves communicating with team members more frequently and less formally thanks to presence and status technologies. This breaks down the walls of the cubicle and promotes more effective internal communication.

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