What is Unified Communications (UC)?

As much as technology has advanced in the last few decades, there are still only 24 hours in a day. That’s where Unified Communications, comes into play. Discover what a Unified Communications means to SMBs...

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What are the benefits of UC?

Unified Communications can offer a competitive advantage for businesses that need a single system to manage multiple tools and platforms. Think of UC as the "Swiss Army Knife" of communications solutions. Can your company benefit from the flexibility that UC offers?

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What Are UC Terms You Need to Know?

Are you shopping for a new business phone system, but confused by the tech lingo used to describe VoIP systems and features? Understanding basic terms is essential for evaluating your options and determining what your business really needs...

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Five Reasons to Consider an Upgrade to UC

Why should your business consider upgrading an existing phone system? If you have a Small and Medium-sized Business (SMB), there are critical advantages that you can expect when implementing the right UC solution, starting with these five key benefits...

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How Can a Phone System Give You a Competitive Advantage?

To better understand the specific role of Unified Communications within any organization, but in particular that of SMBs, consider this list of “must-haves" for businesses seeking a new telecommunications solution...

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