Free Asterisk Essentials Videos

  • Course Summary

    This brief introductory module describes the course layout and goals, and suggests how you can get the most out of the training. We recommend that you start here!

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  • IVR Basics

    A crash course in how IVRs work in Asterisk is presented here. Asterisk IVRs are configured in the dialplan, and a simple but complete example is offered.

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  • Dialplan Variables

    Variables are an essential tool in the Asterisk dialplan. This module demonstrates both pre-defined and custom dialplan variables, and how they can be accessed, modified, and debugged.

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  • SIP Callflow

    This module maps out how Asterisk uses SIP to connect two phones to each other. If you'll ever need to troubleshoot SIP calls, you'll want to understand the SIP messages presented here.

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