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Asterisk Training is available on-site globally. Don't see Asterisk training offered in your area? Would you like to have several people trained and be able to save on the cost of hotel and travel? Contact Digium for an on-site training quote! Digium offers two instructor-led courses; Asterisk Fast Start and Asterisk Advanced. Both global and domestic on-site classes are available! If your location is not already served by one of our worldwide Authorized Training Partners, we can come to you.

Benefits of On-Site Training

  • Cost effective solution to group training without the added expense of travel.
  • Private 1-on-1 interaction with a Digium Training Specialist.
  • dCAP Certification Exam available.
  • Training when you need it. A perfect fit for your busy schedule.


  • Facilities with enough space for each Student to have 1 PC and 2 phones.
  • PCs provided for each Student, with a minimum of 2 PCI slots.
  • Minimum 4-6 students (depends on established length of training event)
  • Maximum 12 students. (Additional fees apply to increase.)
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For more information or to request a quote for on-site training, contact Digium Training.

You may also speak directly with a Training Specialist by calling +1 (256) 428-6165

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