Advanced Troubleshooting and Administration Tactics

Switchvox Advanced Admin Training is an online, self-paced video course. Composed of a series of 7 video chapters between 10 and 40 minutes in length each, the full library contains a total of 2 1/2 hours of training. This course provides the advance topics necessary for a Switchvox Administrator to successfully design, implement, and support communications solutions based on Switchvox. The course gives practical configuration and troubleshooting information for security, SIP protocol debugging, advanced IVR and more. The video lessons provide easy-to-follow visual instruction. Additional resources with links and downloadable labs round out the learning process. Course progress is automatically saved so it's easy to watch a section at a time and complete the training on a busy schedule.


It is recommended that Administrators have completed the Switchvox Admin Training in order to have a solid foundation with Switchvox before attempting the Switchvox Advanced Admin course.

Switchvox Advanced Admin Training - Voice over Internet Protocol

Voice over Internet Protocol

Review what VoIP is, how it works, and solutions for the top 5 call quality issues that you might face.

Switchvox Advanced Admin Training - Security and Your Switchvox Device

Security and Your Switchvox Device

Learn why security is important, common threats, and methods of protection for you to put into practice.

Switchvox Advanced Admin Training - Session Initiation Protocol

Session Initiation Protocol

A deeper look into SIP and RFC compliance, as well as how to register your phone in Switchvox, check your connection status, and set up your provider.

Switchvox Advanced Admin Training - Troubleshooting Switchvox and Wireshark

Troubleshooting Switchvox and Wireshark

Be prepared for the unexpected by learning how to utilize WireShark when troubleshooting potential issues with Switchvox.

Switchvox Advanced Admin Training -Primary Rate Interface

Primary Rate Interface

Cover the definition of a PRI, the three types of cards that work with Switchvox, set up of channel groups and call rules, and how to troubleshoot issues.

Switchvox Advanced Admin Training - Simple Network Management Protocol

Simple Network Management Protocol

An overview of the set of tools used to manage and monitor local and remote network elements or devices from a central location.

Switchvox Advanced Admin Training - IVR Configuration

IVR Configuration

A detailed lesson on IVR configuration and functionality in Switchvox.

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