Optimize Your Switchvox Experience

The Switchboard gives you a bird’s-eye view into your company’s communications and enables collaboration across the organization. In this training, you’ll learn how to set up and personalize your Switchboard to suit your needs.

This training is ideal for:

Switchvox users who want a browser-based phone system experience.

Course Format

Switchvox Switchboard training is an online, self-paced, video course which features a series of 12 short, 40 second - 2 minute tutorial videos. The the full library contains 15 minutes of content. This course is modular and divided by topics, so students can view all of the videos or complete them as their busy schedule allows.

Switchvox Switchboard, D80 IP Phone and Softphone App

Switchvox Switchboard - How to Use the Top Navigation Bar

Top Navigation Bar

Learn where to find certain tools and settings on the top navigation panel in this video.

Switchvox Switchboard - How to Create a Layout


Users create their own layout to fit their needs and personalize their Switchvox experience.

Switchvox Switchboard - How to Use Switchboard Training Tools

Training Tools (Monitoring)

Managers can utilize tools such as monitoring, recording, whispering, and barging to help train their employees.

Switchvox Switchboard - How to Use the My Calls Widget

My Calls Widget

The My Calls Widget has the power to control incoming and active calls.

Switchvox Switchboard - How To Use the Directory

Directory Panel

Pulling up the directory will show the available contacts you have access to and a complete internal company directory.

Switchvox Switchboard - How to Use the Contacts and Tags Widget

Contacts and Tags Widget

This widget is the hub for all of your contacts and their information including who is on a call and who is available.

Switchvox Switchboard - How to Use the Parking Lot Widget

Parking Lot Widget

Put a call on hold for anyone to pick up using the parking lot widget.

Switchvox Switchboard - How To Use Chat and Video Chat

Text Chat and Video Chat

Text and video chats are simple and effective alternatives to phone calls.

Switchvox Switchboard - How to Use Multimedia Chat

Multimedia & Guest Chat

Instant messaging, video chat, and screen sharing with external clients, customers, or partners is possible with our Multimedia feature.

Switchvox Switchboard - How To Use the Queue Widgets

Queue Widgets

Monitor and view real time information for queues that you’re a member of or manage.

Switchvox Switchboard - How to Use the Queue Calls Waiting Widget

Queue Calls Waiting: Call Control

Contact center supervisors are able to set what happens to incoming calls regarding who answers them and when.

Switchvox Switchboard - How to Use the Wallboard Widget

Queue Wallboard Widget

The wallboard widget enlarges key data for easy viewing on contact center floor monitors.

Switchvox Switchboard - Quick Dial Widget Tutorial

Quick Dial Widget

Switchboard has a new Quick Dial widget that lets you transfer calls without going on hold, and also includes External Contacts.

Switchvox Switchboard - Conference widget

Conference Widget

Conference room administrators can see all conference participants, highlights speakers, and have the ability to mute or remove participants and end the call.

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