Become More Productive with Switchvox

Switchvox User training can help you navigate the Switchvox interface more quickly and learn all of the powerful features to make you more productive. In this training, you will be introduced to the Switchvox User Web Suite, the Switchboard as well as Digium phones.

This training is ideal for:

  • New users that want to learn how to get started using their Switchvox business phone system
  • Existing users of Switchvox that want to take full advantage of the features of Switchvox

Course Format

Switchvox User Training is an online, self-paced, video course which features a series of 11 short, 5-15 minute tutorial videos. The full library contains 2 hours of content. This course is modular and divided by topics, so students can view all of the videos or simply brush up on the topics that are relevant to them.

By the end of the training, users will be comfortable with basic phone system functionality, such as checking voicemail and transferring calls, mobile phone connectivity as well as advanced productivity-enhancing UC features for setting up unified messaging and utilizing presence. These videos are easy to understand and will benefit non-technical and technical users alike.

Switchvox Switchboard, D80 IP Phone and Softphone App
Switchvox 6 User Training - Introduction


In this introduction to the training course, learn how to login and use the Switchvox web suite and Switchboard.

Switchvox 6 User Training - Call Rules

Call Rules

Set up call rules for unanswered or busy calls as well as call blocking or message prompts.

Switchvox 6 User Training - My Contacts Tool

My Contacts Tool

Keep your contacts and personal numbers organized using our My Contacts Tool feature.

Switchvox 6 User Training - Converged Phones

Converged Phones

Converge up to 5 additional lines with your main extension and experience the benefits of this feature.

Switchvox 6 User Training - Conference Room Option

Conference Room Option

Create and manage a conference room through the Switchvox web suite interface.

Switchvox 6 User Training - Switchvox Switchboard

Phone Features

Customize the settings and look of your Digium phone.

Switchvox 6 User Training - Time Frames

Time Frames

Designate your Switchvox’s reaction to calls when the time frame conditions are met.

Switchvox 6 User Training - Status Options

Status Options

Change your status to let others in your company know your availability throughout the work day.

Switchvox 6 User Training - My Account

My Account

Keep your basic information about your Switchvox account current.

Switchvox 6 User Training - Voicemail and Fax


Learn how to manage your voicemail and faxes in Switchvox.

Switchvox 6 User Training - Switchvox Switchboard

Voicemail Options

Learn about the options to customize your greetings and how you receive voicemails.

Switchvox 6 User Training - Call Logs and Reports

Call Logs and Reports

Take advantage of our call log and reports feature to track performance and key data points.

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