Digium Launches Respoke Web Communications

By Charlie Wilson

Respoke Web Communications for Developers

Today Digium is pleased to announce the official launch of Respoke, a cloud platform for adding secure communications to web and mobile applications. Respoke provides a rich API that allows developers to easily add live voice, video, messaging, and data as application features. Product managers that want to introduce real-time interactions within a web or mobile app can now point their developers at the Respoke API to see their vision turned into reality in days instead of weeks or months.

Respoke began as a virtual startup within Digium and is staffed with a mix of communications industry veterans and cloud computing experts, all working toward providing a unique experience for the next generation of communications developers.

Compelling Business Solutions

Developers have shared they are using Respoke because it allows their customers to use an ordinary web browser to do extraordinary things.twitter This includes the ability to easily add individual and group chat messaging, voice and/or video calling, screen sharing, and file sharing to web applications, all without the need to install a cumbersome plug-in. Developers interface with Respoke using an intuitive JavaScript library, RESTful APIs, and soon, mobile SDKs. A robust, scalable cloud infrastructure handles all of the complex back-end aspects of making real-time communications work.

This functionality has enabled customers to grow revenue and improve customer satisfaction. SmarterServices is an educational software company that has been able to add remote audio, video, and screen sharing to its web app in a matter of days to offer a more robust set of online proctoring services. Averbuch Realty is excited about Respoke because it enables web customers to call an agent’s mobile phone directly using our new outbound calling feature.  Simple integrations like this allow businesses to give their clients a world-class web customer service experience, rich with context, full of satisfaction, and void of frustration.

Respoke: Today and Tomorrow 

Respoke has always been about listening to customer feedback and using it to drive the functionality and features of the service. The Respoke team has been hard at work putting that feedback into action.

Here are some recent improvements:

Several features aimed at increasing market penetration and compatibility are slated for beta release within the next quarter.  These include Android and iOS mobile SDKs, which will enable mobile developers to easily add messaging, voice, and video to their mobile apps, providing a great differentiator for those in that market segment. In addition, current limitations using Respoke with the Internet Explorer and Safari browsers will be eliminated within the next quarter with the release of a plugin for these legacy browsers.

ios android internet exporer safari

A few months ago, Danny Windham, Digium’s CEO, made a call for early adopters for Respoke. As Danny explained in his blog post, Respoke was created as a “new web communications platform built for web and mobile developers” that, along with Asterisk, would foster “the next generation of communications experiences.” With this official launch of the Respoke service we now invite the broader web and mobile developer communities to start creating those next great communications experiences.

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Charlie Wilson joined Digium in November 2007 and has served in various engineering management roles, most recently the Director of Engineering for the CCS product family and the Asterisk project. In January 2014 Wilson was tapped to lead the Respoke team with responsibility for setting product strategy and executing day to day business operations. Prior to joining Digium, Wilson served as an Engineering Manager at ADTRAN, a global provider of networking and communications equipment. Wilson joined ADTRAN in 1996 after graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Auburn University, where he currently serves on the Industrial Advisory Board of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. Wilson also holds an MBA from the University of Alabama.

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