Bye-bye AstriCon – Hello Asterisk World

By David Duffett

Join Us at Asterisk World 2017

Ft. Lauderdale, February 14-16

It was only last month we all enjoyed a wonderful AstriCon in Orlando, FL. The feedback about the event was very positive. There were a number of comments that it was the best AstriCon yet in terms of the quality and number of the talks. If you missed the event, below are some highlights. Once you’re caught up, then it’s time to shift focus to Asterisk World 2017, and we want you to plan to join us there.

AstriCon Highlights

People appreciated the keynotes, and there was special love for Brian Capouch’s integration of a vintage field phone with Asterisk and cloud-based speech recognition. The Dangerous Demos (and that special mix of technical prowess, high adrenaline and complete chaos) were also very well thought of.

History was made in a number of different dimensions, with AstriCon 2017 being the first time we had run with 5 tracks full of Asterisk and Asterisk-related goodness. Further, this was the first AstriCon (and, indeed, the first time in the world, ever!) that leaders from the Asterisk, FreeSwitch, Kamailio, OpenSIPS and Homer Open Source projects gathered in one place – and even shared their collective wisdom on a Panel session about the challenges associated with running an Open Source Comms project. Here is a quick post-Panel pic!


Several people commented about the Open Source love that was so evident at AstriCon this year (with 9 exhibitors in our Open Source Showcase and the FreePBX team on the show floor), that I wanted to share a special memory.

Missed Astricon? Watch the recorded keynotes and sessions.

I had been asked to create a Dangerous Demo, and had created (with the help of Joshua Colp and Kevin Harwell) what I thought would be a show-stopping video conference demo based on Asterisk 15.0.0 and a Telnyx battery-powered Rasberry Pi. In my hotel room, it had worked perfectly; but when we bought it down ready for the Dangerous Demo, the widget for connecting it to the WiFi had disappeared, and I could not find it anywhere. Several people took a look, including one Tony Minessale – and the significance of the initial author of FreeSWITCH helping me on an Asterisk Dangerous Demo was not lost on me – so thanks Tony! It reinforced to me that we are all on the same side – that of Open Source Community. As it happened, there turned out to be an issue in the Raspberry Pi that I only got resolved after the DD session had finished, so that Demo will live to fight another day.

Digium’s wonderful Julie Webb and I made a small presentation about what had gone on at AstriCon this year, and the slides we so excellent (thanks to creative input form Digium’s own Mikey Cissell) that I thought they needed to be shared. You can see them here:

AstriCon will, of course, be back around the same time next year – and we hope to confirm the dates and venue real soon.

Time to Go to Asterisk World

What’s at the top of our my mind right now, of course, is Asterisk World in sunny, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, this February, 14-16.

Here in Digium-land, we are preparing another great event for you. Some of the speakers include, Fred Posner (from LOD), Correy McFadden (Voneto), and a double-whammy of contributors from Greenfield: Yes, we have both Nir Simionovich and Eric Klein! Digium’s Chris Howard will be on hand on the first day (Wednesday, February 14 – Valentine’s Day) to share the Asterisk love, with our sessions for newbies, “Asterisk from Scratch.”

You can find all the details you need on the Asterisk World website.

I know heading to Fort Lauderdale, FL, in February sounds like a tough call, but many people manage to do it. I’m not sure whether it’s the great weather, the near-the-beach location, the great Asterisk World content, or all the amazing talks and exhibits at IT Expo (the event we are co-located with) that pulls in the crowds – but it seems quite a huge number of tech-savvy individuals are prepared to ‘take one for the team!’

I hope you’ll be one of them, and I will look forward to seeing you there.

All the best,


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