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Danny Windham joined Digium in February, 2007 as CEO. In this role, Windham is responsible for setting corporate strategy and executing day to day business operations. Prior to joining Digium, Windham served as president and chief operating officer of ADTRAN, a global provider of networking and communications equipment. Windham joined ADTRAN in 1989 following ADTRAN's successful acquisition of Processing Telecom Technologies, a company Windham co-founded in 1986. Prior to becoming president/COO in 2005, Windham served as the senior vice president and general manager of the Enterprise Networks Division. Windham holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Mississippi State University where he was named a Distinguished Engineering Fellow in 2001 and also holds an MBA from Florida Tech.

Digium Operations Impacted by Tornado Outbreak

By Danny Windham

Dear customers, friends and colleagues of Digium, The region of the US where Digium is headquartered (North Alabama) was hit hard yesterday by the worst tornado outbreak in 30 years. 

The Success of Commercial Open Source Software

By Danny Windham

The Success of Commercial Open Source Software 2009-07-29 Yesterday, an article was published in Business Week by Peter Yared, who brought up some points that I’d like to address from

Right Place : Right Time

By Danny Windham

Being at the right place at the right time can either be the result of visionary foresight and meticulous planning – or a fortuitous turn of events. If you live

Economic Meltdown – Friend or Foe of Open Source

By Danny Windham

I considered looking at my retirement account balances today, but with the sinking feeling I got the last time I did this, I elected not to subject myself to that

Welcome to Astricon!

By Danny Windham

It’s great to see the enthusiasm and excitement in the attendees of this year’s Astricon here in Phoenix. The outside temperature, which is approaching 100 degrees, is an apt metaphor