What's New in Switchvox

Switchvox SMB Version 6.3

Version 6.3 offers multicast for Digium Phones, and multiple parking lots. For details, see Updating to Switchvox 6.3.

Switchvox SMB Version 6.2

Version 6.2 offers Queue Call-Control tools, a multimedia chat, and support for the new Digium Phones 6X series. For details, see Updating to Switchvox 6.2.

Switchvox SMB Version 6.1

Switchvox 6 delivers more efficient call handling, improved performance and an enhanced user experience. In addition, version 6 includes support on VMware. Please see the following for details: Updating to Switchvox 6.

Switchvox Softphone for iPhone version 1.1

Version 1.1 of the Switchvox Softphone for iPhone offers Cellular Call Handling. If your data connection is poor, you can use the Cellular option to make Switchvox calls on your iPhone's phone number (instead of the Switchvox Softphone app). To use this feature successfully, see How Do I Use the Cellular Option in the Switchvox Softphone App? in the knowledgebase.