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Asterisk Fast Start is a three-day, hands-on basic Asterisk course designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary for an entry-level Asterisk Administrator to be successful on the job. Using a combination of information-rich lectures and practical lab exercises, this basic Asterisk course familiarizes you with Asterisk and the environment in which it operates, both in terms of operating system and telephony (traditional and IP) connections. This course will take you from a freshly installed Linux PC through to a fully configured and working Asterisk implementation. You do not need to have previous experience with Linux, telephony or Asterisk.

At the end of the training class, you will be able to:

  • Identify the purpose and primary functionality of Asterisk as a PBX and as an application development platform
  • List the functionality associated with a traditional PBX
  • Understand the history of Asterisk and its powerful open source community
  • Define the operating system environments in which Asterisk is developed and supported
  • Describe the telephony connections which Asterisk supports and identify the Digium hardware needed to enable this connectivity
  • Identify the basic characteristics of analog and digital PSTN connections and how VoIP compares and contrasts with these
  • Install and run Asterisk from the packages available for download from
  • Configure Asterisk to deliver basic PBX functionality, including basic call routing, voicemail and directory services
  • Learn the basics of Linux in order to be an effective Asterisk administrator
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Course Format

The Asterisk Fast Start course is a three-day course. Class will begin at 9:30 AM on the first day and each day thereafter at 8:30 AM. The class will consist of a combination of lectures and lab exercises. Class typically runs until 5:00 PM, except for the last day where it goes until 3:00 PM, depending on circumstances in the classroom.

The labs will be presented in a workbook which you get to keep. The lecture notes and sample configurations also are included. As each lab and lecture builds on the results of the previous lab and lecture, the workbook is a great way for you to work through the process at your own pace, as well as ensure that you have learned all the relevant material.

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Class Materials and Cool Stuff

The following Digium hardware and course materials are included in the cost of the course:

  • Digium Analog card (1 FXO port + 1 FXS port)
  • Digium T1/E1/J1 card
  • SIP Desk Phone
  • Training Courseware

Is this the right class for me?

Asterisk Fast Start functions as part 1 of Digium's Asterisk curriculum, and assumes the student has limited knowledge of Asterisk, telephony, and Linux. It provides the essential knowledge needed in order to succeed in the Asterisk Advanced Class. To help you determine which class will be most helpful to you, you may take the free, online dCAA certification test. If you pass this test then you are most likely ready for the Asterisk Advanced Class. If not, then Asterisk Fast Start or Asterisk Essentials should be completed prior to taking Asterisk Advanced.

Course Prerequisites

This is an entry-level course; there are no prerequisites to attend this training.


To register for class, or to see a list of upcoming classes, browse the Course Schedule.

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