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Digium IP Phones Training

Digium phones are the first VoIP business phones designed specifically for Asterisk based phone systems. These video lessons provide easy-to-follow visual instruction for your Digium D80 and D6X series IP phones.

D80 Series

Learn how to get the most out of your Digium D80 IP phone with our easy to follow instructional videos.

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D6X Series

Our step by step training videos will show you how to navigate and personalize your Digium D6X IP phone.

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Digium IP Phone Training | D80 Series

How to Use Your New Digium D80 IP Phone

An overview of how to make and receive calls, place a call on hold, and transfer a call.

How to Make a Call

Learn how to make a call using the handset, speakerphone, contacts or favorites application.

How to Receive a Call

Discover the different ways to answer calls as well as how to send a call to voicemail or transfer it to another employee.

How to Place a Call on Hold

Learn how to place a call on hold and navigate between multiple conversations.

How to Transfer a Call

Confidently transfer a call to voicemail, internal users, or outside callers using a Blind Transfer or Assisted Transfer.

Digium IP Phone Training | D6X Series

Interface Overview

In our first training video, you will become more familiar with your phone’s physical interface.

How to Use Your New Digium IP Phone

Navigate the different call functions of your phone including making and receiving calls, placing a call on hold, and transferring a call. 

How to Make a Call

This video provides a detailed overview of the multiple methods used to place a call as well as how to redial and end a call.

How to Receive a Call

Learn how to receive a phone call with your Digium IP Phone.

How to Place a Call on Hold

This video briefly discusses how to place a call on hold. 

How to Transfer a Call

After this video, you’ll be able to to seamlessly transfer your active call to another extension or number.  

How to Use a Headset

Go hands-free after learning how to easily connect an approved headset to your Digium IP Phone.

How to Use Visual Voicemail

With your Digium IP Phone comes the ability to screen a voicemail as it is being left and either answer the call or let it continue to voicemail.

How to Make a Conference Call

Create conference calls from your phone with ease after this video and learn how to create a personal conference room in the User Portal.

How to Configure a Digium Phone with Switchvox

In this video, learn how to set up your new Digium IP Phone with the Switchvox phone system.

How to Search Your Contacts

This training video will teach you how to search your contacts from your Digium IP Phone.

How to Use the Contacts Application

With our Contacts application, dial, transfer, and conference calls together as well as access more detailed information about individual contacts.

How to Manage Call Rules

By setting call rules, you can tell Switchvox how to find you when you’re away and what to do when it can’t.

How to Set and Change Your Status

Learn how to set and change your status from your Digium IP Phone, User Portal, and Switchboard.

How to Review Missed Calls

This video in the series will cover the basics on how to review a missed call.

How to Park a Call

Watch an overview of how to park a call as well as answer a parked call from your phone.

How to Use the Call Log

Gain a better understanding of the Call Log and how to accurately read the call activity.

How to Access the Applications Menu

Use the Application menu to view your call log, handle your call forwarding, access your contacts, and more.

How to Access Your Phone Model and IP Address

Learn where to find your phone model and IP address on your Digium IP Phone.

How to Set Your Preferences

Setting your preferences allows you to personalize your phone with display, localization, and sound settings.

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